Cheongsam Dresses for your Singapore Chinese New Year

Cheongsam Dresses for your Singapore Chinese New Year – Cheongsam and the Qipao are some of the most iconic pieces of garment that ladies in Asia will wear when it is the lunar new year. Chinese New Year in Chinese majority countries is also known as Lunar New Year and this attires are very popular in Countries like China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore because of the looks it portrays and also the body line it shows off.

So we will be sharing some of our views on this very unique attire that Angelique Boutique is know for and also to share how you can stand out from the crowd with this special attire that you can tailor make with us.

Cheongsam Dresses for your Singapore Chinese New Year

1. Cheongsams are very traditional attires

This attire is a very traditional one worn by people of Asian heritage. This attire has been around for many years and this is also one of the choice attires for some chinese heritage dignatories because of how it shows off certain designs and artistry on them.

The Cheongsams can be very artistically designed and help you to stand out amongst the crowd of ladies who might not have something as brightly done or as well done by your preferred cheong sam tailors.

Custom made cheongsams can also ensure that the pieces are one of a kind and you will be the only one with something like this.

2. Cheongsams are great to show off a ladies figure

Because of its body hugging nature, it is able to show the femininity of the lady figure very well with the curves accentuated at the correct places.

This is great for young or even middle age ladies who wish to stand out in the crowd. For someone who keeps her body in check, a lady will want to flaunt the curves that she has and the best way to do it without looking like you are trying to hard is to show it off in a cheongsam tailors by angelique boutique.

Cheongsams are not sexy to the point that it looks obscene but shows of the posh and beauty of a lady with subtlety

3. Cheongsams are very elegant

Elegance is what differentiate a girl from a woman.

When it comes to attending a evening ball gown event, or you will be going for a party that requires you to dress in a more traditional manner, a cheongsam will definitely be the choice item for most ladies.

Elegant Cheongsams are what really makes a lady look really beautiful and standing out.

This items are great for events like Chinese New Year, dinner parties and for some even to hang out with friends.


Angelique Boutique is one of the rare few custom made cheongsam seamstresses in Singapore. Contact us to get your done today!

Cheongsam Dresses for your Singapore Chinese New Year